The UK Continues to Impress Me… Sigh

by ike

Morning chaps. Nothing much to say here other than the fact that I have a newfound love: Daughter. Why does it seem that all great bands, or at least those of the past decade, have been from the UK, or elsewhere? C’mon ‘Merica! Seriously though, I’ve been jamming Indie folk band, Daughter’s new album and it’s easily one of my favorite of the year.

Check out more after the break and why you should give them a listen too.

Originating from London, the originally solo act of Elena Tonra turned trio, have released their first full-length album, If You Leave. And to great satisfaction might I add. Before this LP however, Daughter released three EP’s: their demos, His Young Heart and The Wild Youth. The latter earned the band praise from British website, For Folk’s Sake, stating Daughter,

as one of the most unique sounds in the pop landscape today.

Thanks Wikipedia. Awesome.

Anyways, after signing to prestigious UK label, 4AD, the band released their studio debut back in March. I wish I would have given it more attention then. But better late than never, right?

Basically Elena Tonra (lead vocals) gives you a surf, beach-house vibe, but with enough emotion and lyricism that assures you: she’s been hurt. Take Daughter as almost a more Indie-rock inspired version of The xx, but not as Lo-Fi, and dare I say, not as awesome. But close enough. Tonra’s vocals even remind me of good ol Romy Madley Croft with a touch of Leslie (from Feist).

Tonra’s smooth vocals lull and ebb over the crashing and native rhythmic drum patterns of Remi Aguilella with the brash, although rather soothing and very twangy sounds of guitarist Igor Haefeli. In other words, this shit is dope.

To keep this short, I’d give their album a quick listen and you’ll see why I think their album is one of the better pieces of art we’ve been given this year. If anything, I’m sure every reader can find some sort of connection with Elena Tonra’s lyricism… because, you know… we’ve all been there.

Take a listen to their popular single Youth below. This should close the case. Off to grab coffee. Gnar.