Earl Sweatshirt – Doris (Album Cover x Track List)

by ike

Yeah yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “You’re late as fuck to this party,” but better to show up fashionably late than not at all right? Anyways, Odd Future is continuing their 2013 advances with the long-awaited and highly anticipated release from fan favorite, Earl Sweatshirt.

After the boarding school fiasco, Earl returns to the hip-hop game with more sophistication and slightly less, if unwarranted, darker, misogynistic and flat out “rape-age” lyricism. I’d rather all of it however.

Check out the artwork and see who made the final cut on Doris after the break.

After his long, er, “hiatus,” I think it’s safe to say that fans have been craving new Earl material more than ever. Some however have claimed this new sound as too mellow, chill and, at times, flat out boring. I disagree. I think like Tyler’s Wolf project, we have to accept that these guys are maturing and that they simply cannot rap about the same things. I respect that. Eh, anyways to the album.

So of course we could expect that Odd Future affiliates have pretty much taken over the feature slots, but surprise appearances by RZA and Mac Miller could lend some good tunes as well. Unfortunately the album comes just slightly under 45 minutes, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers?

Check out the full track list below as well as the album’s artwork. By the look of the track list, August 20 can’t come soon enough.


    1. Pre (feat. SK La’Flare)
    2. Burgundy (feat. Vince Staples)
    3. Waves (feat. Domo Genesis)
    4. Sunday (feat. Frank Ocean)
    5. Hive (feat. Vince Staples & Casey Veggies)
    6. Chum
    7. Sasquatch (feat. Tyler, the Creator)
    8. Centurion (feat. Vince Staples)
    9. 523
    10. Uncle Al
    11. Guild (feat. Mac Miller)
    12. Molasses (feat. RZA)
    13. Whoa (feat. Tyler, the Creator)
    14. Hoarse
    15. Knight (feat. Domo Genesis)