New Music: Black Skinhead vs. Elephant (Nate Belasco Mashup)

by ike

As if Kanye West’s latest release, Yeezus, wasn’t dope enough, aspiring DJ, Nate Belasco, makes sure to keep our ears happy. The rock-inspired, almost sporting event sounds of Gary Glitter with Rock and Roll, Part 2, Black Skinhead easily took our hearts. However a mashup featuring Indie band Tame Impala’s Elephant off their second LP, Lonerism, seems an odd enough if not almost absurd collaboration…that works flawlessly.

Check out more and listen to the mashup after the break!

Tame Impala’s 70’s inspired psychedelic track, Elephant, follows similar drum styles of Gary Glitter’s rock anthem. But a more Lo-Fi toned vocal and rough guitar strums, it fits perfectly into my favorite Kanye track. Black Skinhead is obviously a more rock-n-roll, for cliche purposes, track that easily captivates audiences through screams and wails, anti-consumerism lyrics all while touting a little touch of Kanye’s infamous self-righteousness.

As for the mashup, Nate Belasco does an amazing job of mixing the two tracks together while allowing each song to seamlessly highlight their strong points. While not losing either tracks chord-progressions nor sporadic ticks here and there, Belasco was able to almost allow the track to act as itself. That is, in entire dopeness, the track could work as a feature for either artist as one awesome fucking track. And that it does.

Anyways, nothing else to say, so check the mashup below. Kanye West should really consider Tame Impala for future endeavors. Not sure why this collaboration hasn’t happened yet. Blah

As always, grab a brew, chill with friends and stick it to the Man!