2014 Grammy’s.. Let’s Talk

by ike

So by now most, if not everyone, has listened to JAY Z’s highly anticipated album, Magna Carta… Holy Grail and to overly positive reviews. What does this mean? Were we expecting something similar to his Blueprint 3 effort? Quite honestly I’m impressed. The production, the transitions, interludes and features all work out quite nicely.

So what does this mean for next year’s “Biggest Night in Music”? In short, it’s going to get interesting! My thoughts after the break.

2013 has definitely been an interesting year in music and we have much more to be happy for. It’s almost as if every current veteran decided to return to the music game and release quality albums with marketing means never seen before regarding the music scene. We had Kanye West’s New Slaves building projections, Justin Timberlake’s famous return to the game and, just early this morning, JAY Z’s mobile app went live to a total of one million Galaxy S3, Galaxy S 4 and Note II users. No love for Apple?

In the coming months we will get new releases from Justin Timberlake, Drake, ScHoolBoy Q, Beyoncé and many more!

The competition is definitely gearing up and next year’s 2014 Grammy awards will definitely be a sight to be held. However, what I think will be more interesting is not how the veterans will fair, but rather how newcomers and B-listers will keep the competition interesting.

The previous Grammy’s featured artists of the highest calibers in their respective genres. For example, ADELE taking damn near every category at the 2012 Grammy’s, but some argued it was because Beyoncé hadn’t a new release to compete with. In the hip-hop category Kanye West swept best rap album with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but was also entered with his collaboration joint alongside JAY Z on Watch the Throne.

However, take the 2013 awards when Frank Ocean unthroned reigning urban contemporary winner Chris Brown and newcomer Miguel. Both made sure to express their disappointment via Twitter. Ha

So, with the 2014 Grammy’s on their way, veterans must compete amongst themselves as well as their newcomer counterparts. The hip-hop category will be particularly interesting due to veterans Kanye, JAY Z, Drake, Lil’ Wayne and J. Cole’s solo releases. However, newcomers, as far as major label debuts go, will also enter the category by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolBoy Q and A$AP Rocky.

So, now that I’ve realized how long this post became and how rambling away I am typing on my iPhone, what are your thoughts? Who do you think will take the hip-hop category, or any category for that matter? Do you think the Biggest Night in Music will be something of a spectacle this year? Will this next awards show finally put an end to everyone’s debate on the best current hip-hop artist? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

As always, throw back a cold one and Happy Fourth to everyone!