The Jet Age of Tomorrow – The JellyFish Mentality (Album Cover x Track List)

by ike

For those of you unaware of this Odd Future affiliate, I challenge you to check out their other projects Voyager and Journey to the 5th Echelon here. For those of you aware, Matt Martians and Hal Williams have finally graced us with their album cover and track list for their upcoming third LP, The JellyFish Mentality. Check it all out after the break! 

If you love the psycho-pop duo, The Internet, checking out The Jet Age of Tomorrow (JAOT) is a great way to see how it all began. Matt Martians works along with both duos, teaming with Odd Future’s Syd Tha Kyd for The Internet’s debut, Purple Naked Ladies.

The best news released regarding JAOT’s upcoming release is that fans won’t have long to wait. The album is scheduled for a release this coming Friday, available directly from Odd Future’s website. JAOT has tapped on a few familiar faces to the Odd Future franchise such as Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats and Earl Sweatshirt as well as some new faces such as The Stepkids and Mac Miller. For now however, take a peep at the album artwork (designed by Matt himself) and the track list below! Also enjoy the first official single, ON!, via SoundCloud.

As always, enjoy an iced coffee for these hot summer days and good tunes.

  1. Warping Walls
  2. Special K (Wombat)
  3. Desert N’ the Dark (JAOT Dub) [feat. The Stepkids]
  4. ON!
  5. Juney Jones (feat. Mac Miller & Speak)
  6. Panic on Pluto (Interlude)
  7. Not So Scary (feat. Kilo Kish)
  8. Love in Water
  9. Lily Pads
  10. A Place Where Lovers Go (feat. Jesse Boykins III)
  11. Machines Machines (Interlude)
  12. One Tak (feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Casey Veggies)
  13. Superfine
  14. Mushy
  15. The Door’s Door
  16. Asia (feat. Mike G)
  17. Squares
  18. Wonderful World (feat. Domo Genesis & Vince Staples)
  19. Naked (feat. Hodgy Beats)
  20. Airport (Interlude)
  21. Telephones