Late Sessions, New Artist: 100 Grand

by ike

Okay, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll start a new series or some shit, but my mentions via Twitter have been pretty popular with upcoming artists. Whose isn’t though, right? Anyways, I just finished checking out some new material from an upcoming Queens, NY rapper, going by the stagename, 100 Grand. Here’s just some quick insight.

Honestly, when I was asked if I liked the very talented electronica/Lo-Fi producer Marcel Everett, better known as XXYYX,  that I should check out 100 Grand’s music, I wasn’t expecting much. To my surprise though the vibes of his music are actually pretty fluid and not as awkward as you would imagine. His flow is a little reminiscent of a “toned-down” Meek Mill (is that possible?), emotion that would rival that of Drake but still being able to remain a bad ass as though he owns JAY Z’s crown, and for that I respect his hustle. I know, I know, musicians hate being compared to other artists, but in today’s industry, that’s simply what is going to happen. Novice listeners will immediately fall for the comparisons without realizing, that if true, 100 Grand has been able to craft his own sound.

100 Grand’s video for Overdone is a simple concept that details real life events of the rapper, but I found the track to be more impressive. I’m not exactly sure who handles the chorus-line, but I thoroughly enjoyed the entire feel of the track. A more chillwavve, newage feel that somehow balances 100 Grand’s streetstyle with the Tennille-like line.

For those who want to, check the video out down below and also peep 100 Grand’s collaboration with XXYYXX, titled Dracula. Also be on the lookout for his promotional album titled In Do Time and stay up to date via his website here.  I think that if dude keeps polishing his craft, his lyricism and works with similar sounds/production elements, he could help popularize and/or define the Lo-Fi, hip-hop genre.

As always, stay tuned, enjoy a good brew and listen to good music.