Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City (Album Cover x Track List)

by ike

Well, 2013 definitely seems to be the year of music, as cliche as this saying is. But honestly it seems that anyone and everyone who ever made a decent album is resurfacing to release second, third, fourth and so on effort. With the likes of a new Paramore album on the horizon, Iron & Wine, The Strokes, James Blake, OneRepublic, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phoenix, Portugal. the Man and so forth, it only seems right for Ezra, Rostam and both Chris’s to join the force.

After release of the first single, their new direction seems more conceptual and it gets both thumbs up from this guy.

After their sophomore release, Contra, which spawned the hit singles Giving Up the Gun and Horchata back in 2010, the band members decided to pursue different projects, working with the likes of Das Racist (Rostam Batmanglij) and Major Lazer (Ezra Koenig). Much was known about the ongoing pursuits of a follow-up album to Contra until the band performed a new song, then tentatively titled New Song No. 2, at the House of Blues in Cleveland, OH. The song was then again performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on October 31, 2012 where it gained it’s official titling, Unbelievers. Watch the performance below.


Also, just last week on March 16, Vampire Weekend closed out Stubbs at the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival in Austin, TX. There they performed two new songs from the upcoming album: Diane Young and Ya Hey. On February 3, Vampire Weekend took to The New York Times and revealed the albums title through a classified ad, Modern Vampires of the City. Check the ad out below.

Around the same time, lead vocalist Ezra described the album as,

darker and more organic; [and] very much the last of a trilogy.

Although no official statement as to where Vampire Weekend drew inspiration, one can look at up and coming musicians who experiment with Lo-Fi, grunge, electronica and other chillwave-era artists such as XXYYXX and Purity Ring as a means of stylized inspiration. However, fans who grew to love and adore the Afro-pop inspired drums and musicality may find the new project a little underwhelming, as it seems the band has let go most, if not all, African-inspired sounds. Whatever the case may be, Vampire Weekend is always set to please and create fresh sounds for a bland industry.

Modern Vampires of the City is set for a May 6 release in the United Kingdom and a May 7 release here in the states, so fans won’t have to wait much longer. The band has even released the first single, part of a two-play A-side, that comes with tracks Diane Young and Step (although iTunes doesn’t quite honor this method). The band has even made sure to release eh, “visuals,” for Diane Young. Although relatively simplistic, it’s something quite beautiful about watching a Saab 900 burn.

Anyways, make sure to check out their first single, Diane Young, that begins immediately downloading once you pre-order the album here and will be added to your overall purchase price. Also, make sure to check below for the album artwork, track listing and music video for Diane Young.

And as always, enjoy good tunes, a good brew and good times.

  1. Obvious Bicycle
  2. Unbelievers
  3. Step
  4. Diane Young
  5. Don’t Lie
  6. Hannah Hunt
  7. Everlasting Arms
  8. Finger Back
  9. Worship You
  10. Ya Hey
  11. Hudson
  12. Young Lion