The 20/20 Experience, Pt. II

by ike

As the hours countdown to Justin Timberlake’s junior release after a 6+ year long hiatus, fans are in for yet another treat. The soulful Robin Thicke Justin has confirmed that a sequel to his highly anticipated album, The 20/20 Experience, will indeed surface.

Good show ?uestlove. Good show indeed.

Some days after The Roots drummer unleashed the hectic comment to the Okayplayer community that Timberlake would be releasing a second addition to the album. However, no official word appeared from the singer himself, leaving fans and others to wonder. Now the singer has decided to publicly confirm the allegations, debuting at Timberlake’s iHeartRadio album release show in Los Angeles.

I gotta clear a rumor up. This whole thing about this being the first half of the album is true,

Timberlake told Ryan Seacrest at the release show, who then took to Twitter to spill the news. However, Timberlake is not yet ready to reveal release date information, boldly stating,

There is another half. I’m not telling you when it comes out.

Finally, the reports that ?uestlove debuted are as followed:

spoiler alert. 20/20 Vol 2 comes out in nov. (1o songs now…… 1o songs later= 20 vision)

This could account for ?uestlove involvement on the second addition to the album, and no stranger to his drum patterns, would be pretty awesome to see what they come up with. I would like to see a little Neptunes (Justified days) involvement as well. The album is pretty nice and the way it ends with Blue Ocean Floor, I kind of felt the ball was dropped. Now knowing there is a second part, I see where Timberlake is heading and it’s in the right direction. No pun intended.

With that being said, the album should now be available via iTunes, so  make sure to cop it. Quite a good listen (I’ll be posting a personal review of it here later).