Passion Pit (feat. Juicy J) – Constant Conversations (Remix)

by ike

You read the title correctly. For some untold reason, indie rock band Passion Pit has linked up with Mr. Trippy himself, Juicy J, for the remix to popular track Constant Conversations. The original song appears off their 2012 album, Gossamer, and honestly the track should have remained that way.

As if this couldn’t have been the most awkward collaboration since Nelly and Tim McGraw, the track just made me uncomfortable. I was expecting a sort of key change at the very least, new drum patter….something, but instead I got a misfitting verse from Juicy J rapping about the usual ratchets, trippiness, skinny dipping and the such.

Passion Pit are known for their hit songs: Sleepyhead, Little Secrets, The Reeling and Take a Walk. Anyways, take a listen to the track below. It may actually grow on you.

As always, happy listening folks!