Wolf, the Creator

by ike

Okay, I know that I’m pretty late covering these things, but didn’t really have time since I’ve been celebrating my birthday. However, for those of you who don’t know, Tyler, the Creator has finally released information (and quite a lot at once may I add) regarding his second studio album. Wolf will come complete with a nice 18 song track list, three rather unique album covers, and all is set to release on April 2.

Flog Gnaw.

After releasing his studio album debut, Goblin, back in 2011, little was known when Tyler’s next solo venture would debut after release of the Odd Future collab album, Loiter Squad premiere and essentially everyone in the Odd Future collective releasing new full-length material besides him. For those of you who have followed, each of Tyler’s album follow therapeutic sessions hosted by Dr. TC, in which we find out as Goblin begins to close, is none other than Tyler himself. Wolf is expected to be no different, however earlier statements stated by Tyler, say that the album will be less gruesome and in your face blasphemy than his previous two records. He states:

Talking about rape and cutting bodies up, it just doesn’t interest me anymore… What interests me is making weird hippie music for people to get high to. With Wolf, I’ll brag a little more, talk about money and buying shit. But not like any other rapper, I’ll be a smart-ass about it. People who wanted the first album again, I can’t do that. I was 18, broke as fuck. On my third album, I have money and I’m hanging out with my idols. I can’t rap about the same shit.

Now, on February 14, Odd Future released a video of L-Boy skydiving and stating that Wolf would be released on April 2 and Tyler would later on the same day go on to release three different album covers, the official first single with an accompanying music video and a few more treats here and there. Each album cover is completely what you would expect of Tyler, with the first one featuring an almost reminiscent Tha Carter IV montage, although Tyler’s “homage” is a little less heart-string puller. The second features an up close and personal view of Tyler’s face. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s in black and white. The third, which has been announced will be used for the deluxe edition, features an post-animated Tyler on a bike, in the woods, eye on the tree and face on the ground. Deluxe edition purchasers of the physical copy will also be awarded a free pair of socks, a fold-out poster of the full album cover designed by Ryden, a limited embroidered patch, a Wolf calendar and a 24-page booklet featuring artwork and lyrics. Golf Wang.

As for the first single, entitled Domo23, we get a Rella-esque type vibe and all the craziness that ensues with it. Seen as the 5th track on the album, I think the placement will work just fine. With the video, we get a tuned-down, more sentiment (is that possible?) Tyler on Bimmer, featuring none other than Odd Future crooner Frank Ocean. Prepare for a She, Pt. II.

Finally, Tyler took to Instagram to post all three album covers in which fans got to find the names of a few more tracks on the album. These tracks were titled, Cowboy, Pigs and Wolf (obviously). Although the former two were tentative track titles we heard back in early 2012, it’s good to know that they are making an appearance. As for an EarlWolf appearance, Tyler took to Formspring to semi-agree to doing one. I’ll keep looking into this.

To conclude, it’s great to know that Tyler is finally gearing up for his next release, and so far to positive reception. As for now, you can preorder the album here and Domo23 will automatically begin downloading and will go to your final purchase price. Make sure to check out each album cover below and the video for Domo23 as well.

As always, kill people, burn shit, fuck school and listen to good tunes!


Although no official word on if this is the supposed track listing for Tyler’s upcoming album, but regardless, check out what has been leaked so far. Although it’s pretty much useless to take Wikipedia.com for it’s word, Amazon.com has also posted the track list.

Nice set, and the Pharrell Williams/Erykah Badu features are much appreciated. Looks like Wolf is shaping up to be another hit for Tyler.

  1. Wolf
  2. Jamba (feat. Hodgy Beats)
  3. Cowboy
  4. Awkward
  5. Domo23
  6. Answer
  7. Slater / Escape-Ism (feat. Frank Ocean & Dave Matthews)
  8. 48
  9. Colossus / The Bridge of Love
  10. Partyisntover / Campfire / Bimmer (feat. Lætitia Sadier & Frank Ocean)
  11. IFHY (feat. Pharrell Williams)
  12. Pigs
  13. Parking Lot (feat. Mike G & Casey Veggies)
  14. Rusty (feat. Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt)
  15. Trashwang (feat. Na-kel, Jasper, Lucas, L-Boy, Taco, Left Brain & Lee Spielman)
  16. Treehome95 (feat. Coco O. & Erykah Badu)
  17. Tamale (feat. Tallulah)
  18. Lone / Jornada


This is indeed the official track listing for the upcoming album. You’re welcome.