Scott Mescudi Unveils INDICUD Release Date

by ike

Well guys, the time has arrived for The Lonely Stoner to finally put the finishing touches on his fourth studio album. Building much hype and anticipation around this “return” to Man on the Moon vibes, Kid Cudi says that INDICUD will be available April 23.

Let all the martians rejoice in unison!

Conveniently following the weekend of celebratory stoners worldwide (April 20 for the slow readers), Cudi will premiere the album on Tuesday. Preceding the album are two feature singles: Just What I Am featuring the former Chip Tha Ripper, now King Chip, and an unofficial second single, titled King Wizard.

Since initially announcing the album in June of 2012, fans were only presented with trickles of information here and there through Kid Cudi’s official Twitter. It began with an early 2013 release date, similar to that of his W Z R D collaboration album with Dot Da Genius. Then we were taken for a spin when Cudi announced that the album will be a feature of strictly self-produced tracks, songs he would be featured on and personal workings. No word on if that has changed officially or not.

After boldly claiming that his album would be on par with Dr. Dre’s The Chronic 2001, Cudi also announced that the album would be reminiscent of Man on the Moon II because of heavy features. No this isn’t the third installment of the Man on the Moon series. That will come later. Regardless, an official track, titled Solo Dolo, Pt. II featuring hip-hop heavyweight Kendrick Lamar, will make the final cut on the album. Be excited.

It should come as no surprise that Kid Cudi will make good use of previous collaborators on this album and confirmed that Common, who not only appeared on the second single, Make Her Say, that was released on Cudi’s debut album, but narrated the project as well, long-time producer Dot Da Genius and 88-Keys will also make the album.

Following on July 10, 2012, Cudi took to Twitter to announce that Kanye West, Pusha T, Jaden Smith, and Cage will make the album. He also stated that he had a track he wanted JAY Z to hear as well as linking up with 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks. It’s quite possible that collaborator King Chip will score a second feature on the album as well. Pusha T will be featured on a tentatively titled track going by the name of Vortex. No real confirmation on whether this will make INDICUD or Pusha T’s G.O.O.D. Music solo debut, My Name Is My Name.

Going along for features sake, there has been no real word whether or not Kid Cudi actually hit the studio with J Cole (we can only tell by the tweets) and with J Cole gearing up for releasing his own sophomore effort, Born Sinner, it could end up on either project. Cudi also tweeted that he needs to hit the studio with A$AP Rocky. Eh, not too confident in this statement, nor would I really care for a track by them, but only time will tell.

Okay, so now for more recent news. On November 27, 2012, Cudi tweeted that the second official single would be titled Immortal,

and it will make u feel amazing in the heart and soul.

No official word on when exactly this track will be released nor whether it is still being considered for the second official single spot. Blah.

Finally, the album was originally intended to be a double-disc release, but seems that things were scaled back a bit. The album is set to contain a full 17-titled track list of brand new songs. This makes me wonder whether or not all the singles will make the album, if Immortal will even release before the April 23 drop date, or whether Cudi will take a Kendrick Lamar spin on things and include second-half/intro pieces to the already released singles.

Regardless of all the rumors, misconstrued information and everything else left in half-light regarding the album, I couldn’t be more excited for this release. At least it’s great to know that through all the confusion, INDICUD finally has a release date, and in the same month as James Blake….I’m stoked.

As always, enjoy your tunes!