Kid Culluminati

by ike

Let me first begin by saying that anyone who knows me, knows that I am an avid fan of Scott Mescudi’s work. Always have been, always will be. To further demonstrate, this is not a conspiracist blog (although I do believe in most). Never has been, never will be. However, I do think that education of topics is necessary. Having predisposed information at one’s fingertips allows, at least, for a better idea of what you get yourself into.

Also, let me be the first to say.. musicians aren’t MEMBERS of the Illuminati, but are instead used to promote their agenda you dumb fucks. The Illuminati is tied to multiple bloodlines, not because you worship the Devil or because you make millions. Shit.

With that being said, I feel that I’ve always bashed many other artistes for their occult affiliation from the likes of popular names such as Kanye West to lesser extents like Florence + the Machine, so I thought it only fair to share my feelings about artists I actually love. Yes, to those of you who have heard these rants before (library talks), this is one of them. Let’s begin..

Now like I said, I truly appreciate Kid Cudi’s music. From the beginning when he went by the stage name of Kid Mescudi to now as he reverts back to the “Lonely Stoner” age. However, lately I’ve had a few issues with his musicality as well as direction in stardom and have wondered what exactly is causing the spasms that have occurred over again his career. All to open my eyes to my own blissful ignorance. Okay..

For starters, we all know that Kid Cudi is “relevant” due to his affiliation with Kanye West. I feel as though I don’t need to really explain Kanye West’s, um, “interests” especially citing the latest pregnancy of girlfriend Kim Kardashian. I mean, at least their dating and her pregnancy will last longer than her marriage. Ha. Score one for me. Anyways, Kid Cudi is essentially, as a downfall to being affiliated with, subject to any and all influence by label-head, Mr. West. I could go on for days about how the FUCK Kanye West has basically corrupted each and every member under his G.O.D. Music label. Cue side eye.

But anyways, Kid Cudi is no exception to this influence and, more than likely, the reason why he is now only affiliated with the label while owning a recording label of his own (Dream On). I mean, I feel like Cudders knows that Mr. West will just continue to add more puppets to his regime.. has anyone noticed Pusha T lately? Okay, so basically we can view Kanye West as Kid Cudi’s handler, since we’ve already seen his prevalence with other labelmate, Common, on his U.M.C. (Universal Mind Control), album. Yeah.. remember that trash fest?

Okay so basically let’s talk Man on the Moon – The End of Day.. which, to begin, wasn’t even the fucking original title. The album, quite possibly, could pass as one of the most complex albums of the 21st Century following depression and mental struggle by a lone stoner. Hippy turned hip-hop artist. However, before Kanye West got his hands on Kid Cudi, the album was titled The Guardians. You know, without production handled by Kanye West and narrated by Common. The original album followed a completely different concept and, according to Cudi, it would serve as:

a reference to all those who [he] credits in protecting [him] and keeping [him] sane throughout the madness of [his] life, from peers to [his] fans.

The album, to continue, was originally designed to have many guest features on it as well.. but somehow only, with the exception of, then, Chip Tha Ripper, big named artists made the list such as Lady GaGa (no explanation needed).

Now, before I continue, do you fucks remember that Kid Cudi almost fucking retired before he even released the album? Watch here. Another up and coming rapper of the 2009 Freshman Class, B.o.B., made similar threats of quitting the game around the same time. Both he and Cudi were not only the top of their “class,” but also were set to release their albums the same year. Didn’t happen.

Okay, so I mentioned earlier that the album title changed from The Guardians to Man on on the Moon – The End of Day, along with the conceptual musicality. After a few “talks” with Kanye West and (somehow brought into the picture),, Kid Cudi “decided” to remain in the rap game and go forth with the album. Now, is probably the most influential and easiest to spot handler of the industry. Y’all remember Boom Boom Pow? Well the album that it was released off of, was similarly titled The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies) and released around the same time that Kid Cudi’s debut was. is also in heavy favor of the idea of Transhumanism, which is evident not only on the album cover of The Black Eyed Peas 2009 release, but in many of the visuals, single covers and performances that surrounded the albums era.

So, “end of day”. You know, when the sun goes away and the moon comes out. The moon is regularly praised by the occult in relation to astrology simply because of the eclipses it creates which are believed to produce highly demonic points of the year. Take the song Alive off Cudder’s debut, which follows the structure of “acts”. Alive marks the beginning of Act IV: Stuck and the word Nightmare, in parenthesis, follows. So the chorus begins with “every time, the moon shines, I become alive..” and the first verse continues with “I’m feeling strange in the night, I’m not myself, I feel I’m thrown into a fight, nowhere to run nowhere to hide, nothing’s right..” blah blah blah.

Take the moon reference above and bring it back to legendary rock band, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. I’ve never tried it, but online blogs as well as bandmates who actually tried it, report that if you play the rock album alongside The Wizard of Oz the score aligns perfectly with the movie. Now, go watch the Day ‘n’ Nite video. Yellow brick road with Oz in the background along with other occult references such as the owl head (cue Adult Swim’s new fucked up bumper spots).

Okay, I could basically go on for days about this, however I have found that Kid Cudi continues to acknowledge the dangers of his control and even began around the days of his debut. Check the lyrics to Cudi Zone (also probably one of my favorite songs off the album):

On top of dreams is where I’m found,

Some figured I was Satan bound,

but then I came back with a style I found,

Then all of a sudden they fixed their faces,

because of who I know in a trail of places,

That I’ve stepped,

how many wanna hate cause I left?

How could you blame me and my plan of attack,

cause I’m risking my soul attack…

then on to add:

And the Devil in a hot pink dress try to ask me for one dance,

he think he slick but the Guardians protect me from his wrath so…”

I think the lyrics are self-explanatory, but I found it interesting enough that Cudders actually mentioned the original album title towards the end, quite possibly maintaining some honesty of the album’s concept. I’m thinking the reference to a style he found is towards God and that’s why they fixed their faces. I believe in God, but I’m not as versed in the Word as I would like to be, but if I’m not mistaken, the Devil, no matter how evil and cunning he is, still whimpers in the presence of the Lord. Right? Okay, verse checked. Also the hot pink dress reference, to me, alludes to the “director’s chair.” Look that up.. pretty, uh, interesting read and to my knowledge, has proved over and over for many famous African-Americans. (Cue Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Ving Rhames, etc.)

Like I said before, I truly appreciate and love Scott’s music and even with the potential evil influence, I won’t stop listening. However, I will be more aware of such and have to understand that although he is my favorite artist, he too is influential in ways that many wouldn’t agree with. Does that mean he doesn’t make dope music? Hell no! I’m waiting for Indicud like a second Christmas, but even this album concerns me in more ways than one. Kid Cudi’s career has definitely been an interesting one to follow, both bad and good. Take his venture off into the alternative-psyche realm that was W Z R D.. yeah, love that album, but really.. what the fuck!? I think the album was actual a turn for the better, but that wasn’t the “cool” Cudi thing to do.

To conclude, Kid Cudi continues to amaze and surprise me track after track. I truly hope that, at the very least, he continues to fight the control (assuming there is one) and make great music regardless of fanbase and money. However, with this return to his Man on the Moon days and more and more G.O.O.D. Music influence (cue compilation album), Cudi has more on his plate than ever. His return to the bud after only a what, almost year or so hiatus, proves that his handling isn’t over.

I mean, if you sell your soul can you ever buy it back?

– Ike.