by ike

Okay, no this has nothing to do with Kanye West or any G.O.O.D. Music affiliate. This has to deal with a rhythm and blues novelty that is better known as Maxwell. 2013 looks to be promising for a new album from the R&B crooner. Ladies, please contain yourselves and dry your undergarments. 

As a follow up to the 2009 release, BLACKsummers’night, Maxwell graced everyone with a little preview to the sequel. Well, a little bigger than little as Maxwell released a partial track list photo via Twitter of seven new tracks. You can catch the photo he tweeted below.

SUMMERS’ partial track listing

The album, tentatively titled SUMMERS’, will serve as the second entry to the BLACKsummers’night trilogy. Early reports stated that the trilogy would simply follow the lead album’s titling, meaning each consecutive album would follow as blackSUMMERS’night and blacksummers’NIGHT respectively.

I’m almost certain that with each hiatus Maxwell takes, the first being between his third album Now in 2001 and BLACKsummers’night in 2009, perfection is not only expected but quality musicality is preferred. After the success of his 2009 release, we can expect this potentially 2013 release that is SUMMERS’ to fulfill both these aspects.

All hail the neo soul king!

– Ike