by ike

XXYYXX isn’t a variant of Klinefelter Syndrome (i.e. XXY Syndrome). No. Instead it’s Marcell Everett. Yes, a musical literary. And at the ripe age of 16 at that. The Orlando, Florida native has been featured on XLR8R, The Needle Drop and Earmilk amongst others.

The electronica producer works in the comfort of his bedroom, creating images of still sadness yet peaceful emissions of hope through ways that are quite impressive of his age. In short, dude is sick, here to stay and his company is greatly appreciated.

Most known for his track, About You, which samples both Beyoncé’s End of Time and Jillian Aversa’s Just Hold On, the young producer has become a household name for young musicians and devout “hipsters” alike. Everett has managed to take an art that is common amongst musicians today (the still sadness and Weeknd-like medley of depression, sex, drugs and girls) and completely revamp it to create an unusual synergy throughout it all. 

I have been consumed by his sophomore effort, XXYYXX, that is available through both his personal Bandcamp, as well as iTunes. I know right, Bandcamp is actually more useful than we thought.

It’s beyond impressive that he can create a mastered sound through works in his bedroom. His music controls the listener, demanding that he/she be immersed in sound. Sound that may be simple on the forefront, but how Everett laces the track with crack-life riffs, melodramatic synths and fuzzy basslines, captivates me. In About You, Everett is able to command the listeners attention immediately but passively. By the time you even realize that he completely gained your attention, the track is over and you’re transmitted back to reality.

Honestly. I heard About You, dropped my coffee, swerved into oncoming traffic and burned myself with my cigarette. Okay, a little dramatic, but it was definitely an experience that I scratch to have every moment I can.

I won’t keep praising him, because I don’t want to contaminate your personal experience. You may love him. You may hate his work. But I’m almost certain you’ll remember him.

Check out his Bandcamp here.