Numbers & Trash Talk

by ike

Make sure you keep your browsers set and ready to refresh. Odd Future takeover begins tomorrow.

As I’ve stated in a previous post via my Vinyl Acquisition Tumblr page, Odd Future is readying a fall/winter assault. Beginning with Frank Ocean’s CHANNEL orange, followed by Domo Genesis’ No Idols, MellowHype and Trash Talk are next in line.

After the success of BlackenedWhite, MellowHype’s Hodgy Beats and Left Brain ready their official studio debut Numbers. Preceded by the single, La Bonita, be prepared for more mature religion blasphemy, sadistic sexual themes and everything left wing from original American thought. Exciting huh?

Trash Talk, the first non-Odd Future addition, will also grace the scene with their debut 119. A more metalcore/grunge sound, Trash Talk fills the remaining void of noise Odd Future needed.

This marks the middle entrance to new material as head wolf, Tyler, the Creator, is rumored to release his second studio album Wolf in November. As a finale to the intimate and dark interviews with Dr. TC, who is inevitably Tyler, the Creator himself, we can expect to hear a more wavy, electronic sound.

Finally, although really no concrete news, fan favorite Earl Sweatshirt is supposed to make his grand return. After a few years of boarding school, Sweatshirt has proclaimed himself a new person. A supposed collaboration with electronic artist, Santigold, never emerged after Sweatshirt deemed the track not ready. We may hear it later. Also, there have only been rumors that Earl is dropping an album come December but no official response from either he or the Odd Future collective have confirmed this. Wait and see.

I’ve grown to appreciate the position Odd Future takes, although skeptical at times, but I’m only expecting great things from Numbers especially.

Unleash the wolves!