Chris Brown – Don’t Judge Me (Music Video Review)

by ike

I was asked to interpret this video, so I will do my best. Essentially before I begin I have to dive into what the song meaning entails. Obviously the life of Chris Brown has been a hectic ride since 2009 to present day. As an artist who once had everything, even deemed the next Michael Jackson, he nearly lost it all in one night. I’m not bringing up this situation. Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Now as far as the song is concerned, the title is blatantly obvious. However, I don’t think it’s as the literal mean is presented. That is, he isn’t asking for forgiveness nor lack of negative judgement from a former/current lover or society.. but I think he has personified a religion. This has been expressed in previous works this year with Frank Ocean’s Bad Religion and Pink Matter.

No, I’m not claiming that Chris Brown is having an internal struggle of sexuality, but rather that he seeks comfort not only physically but “spiritually” (I’ll use otherworldly from here on out). With that said.. on to the video.

The video begins with Chris Brown, aimlessly walking in the desert (looks like the drive to Lubbock, TX) and we are cut to a scene of  Brown and, what we assume as, his lover (who is asleep?) in a Moroccan-inspired room. Next scene we see the same girl riding atop a military truck and Brown climbs onto a similar one in an adjacent scene.

Brown arrives at a military base and scenes flash back to the room where we now see Brown’s lover to be covering her face, almost ashamedly (Rihanna reference?). Back to the base, the same girl rushes to Brown, clearly a reporter. He asks Brown if this is truly a suicide mission and if so, why. Brown responds:

I’m doing a service for my country and my planet. If that means saving the people I love and I care about, then that’s what I’ll do.

Brown then boards a spacecraft, straps-in and as the shuttle takes off and tears stream down his face, viewers are constantly shown flashbacks of his girlfriend before the rocket collides with some terrestrial workforce.

Okay. Now. In regards to my previous mention of otherworldly, I think this referenced, with the alien-inspired aircraft, that Brown destroyed to save to the world. In other words, Chris sees that as a way to “save” the ones he loves and cares about, he must destroy himself.. and possibly begin anew.

As for the girl, I think her subtle actions are essential references to pop starlet Rihanna. She is seen asleep which can be taken as unknowing/unprepared for what is to come. Next she is covering her eyes to express confusion, a sense of embarrassment and shame. Finally, she is the reporter who questions why such an act must happen to save the world which I compare to her current views on the situation that occurred that fatal night.

However, I’ve been known to look much deeper into things and the vide could be simply what it was: Chris performing a selfless act of heroism. Either way, the clip is an emotional one and by far a track I’m actually proud to hear from Brown. Recently he’s been releasing shitty music, with no substance, but it was nice to hear a realistic approach with matured emotion in a track.. but this is for another day.

Don’t take my word for it though. Make sure to peep the video below, make your own interpretation and leave it in the comments!

Hope this does more help than hurt Mickey and Valencia!